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    Kashmiri Rajma Red Bhaderwah - 500.GM

    Small Red Rajma or ‘Kashmiri Rajma’ is just as well-known as the ‘Kashmiri Mirchi’. This dark red skinned kidney bean’s name derives after its alikeness to a kidney. These beans are dehydrated and are available annually.  These nourishing legumes are obtained from the herbaceous plant, scientifically named Phaseolus vulgaris.

    Red Rajma’s are a storehouse of protein and is a perfect alternative for red meat. A cup of these kidney bean provides 15grams of protein.

    These are extensively known for their musky fragrance and great taste. It is used for preparing both hot and cold delicacies. Red Rajma is exceptionally popular and is used specially in North Indian cuisines.

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